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What Our Customers Say

"I am a member of the New York Police Department SWAT team. We purchased the Nyte Vu goggles and Nyte Vu scope attachment a couple of months ago and they work excellent. Guys in the department are always checking out the equipment for use. The goggles have been used for surveillance and they have provided some great video which was recorded to a video recorder for court cases. I have personal experience with the scope attachment and it probably saved my life a couple of weeks back. We have the scope rings on our rifle scopes so it is easy to mount in a critical situation quickly. We were in a situation were I was able to shoot around a corner without getting myself in the line of fire. Within seconds I mounted on the scope converter put the goggles on reached around the corner with my weapon and took care of the situation. Thanks for a great product which is helping the law enforcement to do their job more safely."

Craig Williams, New York City, NY

"I have been using the SportVu cam for a while and I have to say it meets and even exceeds any expectations of a camera of this type. First off, I was skeptical of the "low light" ability and put it to the test. I have filmed up to and past normal hunting times and the video exceptional. The camera is water and shock resistance for extreme conditions. It captures MPEG-4 compressed video and M-JPG still pictures as well. The SportVu is easy to use and any questions can quickly be answered with the easy to read user manual. The menu on the SportVu is simple and easy to maneuver as well. Everything came with the SportVu that you will need to begin filming hunts, ATV trips and much more. The mounts allow you to mount the SportVu to your bow, tree, helmet, ATV or motorcycle handles. I have to say this cam has been quite a delight and fun to use in the field. The quality is exceptional as well. I have thrown it in my back pack and taken it out to where I hunt bouncing around in the bag with other gear and it is always ready to go when I am. So, if you are looking for a high quality, low light capable camera to use for videoing your hunts or rides look no further."

Cary Elliott, Rochester Hills, MI

"I recently purchased the Nyte Vu NV60 goggles and I am exceptionally happy with them!! I use them for paranormal research and the quality of the image is superb! A good portion of "events" take place in the infra red range so this makes them ideal. I also use them for wildlife observation while at home. I live in a very rural area that has an abundance of wildlife so watching them at night has been fascinating. I am ordering the digital recorder so that I can start a video library of my sightings. Thanks for a very affordable and excellent product."

Lonny R Mayne, Piney Flats, TN

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