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How do the Nyte Vu Goggles Work?

Nyte Vu utilizes the latest technology in Digital Video with a specailly designed extremely low light CCD imager camera to see in the dark. The digital viseo signal from the camera is then projected onto the goggle screen to provide the veiw for the user. Infrared light emiiting diodes (LED's) provide the Infrared light (invisable light) for the Nyte Vu to see in a total dark enviroment.

How does the Nyte Vu quality compare to the traditional night vision for example Generation I, II, or III

Unlike traditional night vision which uses Intensifier Tube technology the Nyte Vu products utilize Digital Video which gives a far superior quality picture surpassing even generation III night vision equipment. With the Nyte Vu  there is no green tint to the picture but rather a crystal clear black and white image.

When using traditional night vision equipment the user looses their night vision capability when the equipment is taken off which blinds the user momentarily to to their surroundings until their eyes readjust. Does this happen with the Nyte Vu?

No you do not get this blinded effect, immediate upon removal of the Nyte Vu goggles your sight is normal and there is no compromise or a period for your eyes to adjust.  

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