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Nyte Vu Scope

Nyte Vu Scope

SKU: OI-004

The Nyte Vu Scope™ accessory can convert any rifle
scope into a total night vision scope with a distance of
over 80 yards. The specially designed camera looks
down the scope; the video image is then displayed onto
the Nyte Vu™ goggles. Because the camera is looking
through the scope there is no need to shoulder the
weapon and can be used for shooting around corners.
The quick detach rail system allows the weapon to be
converted with in seconds, no longer requiring a special night
vision scope or dedicated weapon to have it.


    • Two models available to fit either 1 inch or 30 mm scope tubes; NVS1 - 1 inch scope barrel, NVS30 - 30 mm scope barrel
    • Converts any rifle scope into a total night vision scope
    • Works with the Nyte Vu night vision goggles
    • Removable miniature camera and infrared illuminator mounts to scope
    • Camera looks through scope and object viewed can be recorded
    • View through scope up to 300 feet in total darkness
    • Use for hunting game at night - Coyotes, Wild Boar, Raccoon 
    • Sighting of scope including reticle displays on Nyte Vu goggles, no shouldering of gun necessary, can shoot around corners
    • Military and Law Enforcement - attaches to any scope for pistol or rifle

    All sales are final. Each product carries a warranty for manufactures defect.

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